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2015 Off To A Good Start.

May 4th, 2015

Welcome to a new update on how things have been going here at OMD. We’re currently beavering away on a number of titles including a lovely UE4 3rd person game which i’m sure will delight a great many of you! Can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve done! In April we created not one but three trailers for the XB1/360 smash hit Goat Simulator for our good friends at Double 11, which was great fun! Also during this first quarter of 2015 we have continued our great relationship with Marmalade Game Studios to update a number of titles with all new content, and also some new titles! We are also in talks about a few more new projects which hopefully we can secure, though more on this a little later. Hope everyone is enjoying what 2015 has to offer so far, see you all soon.

2014 – A most successful year

November 2nd, 2014

2014 has been one of our best years to date with work on the Gambitious crowd funded Train Fever,  Hasbro Arcade which includes many titles, Littlest Pet Shop, TOFU: Fury on the new Amazon Fire online casino phone and a host of other exciting projects.

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Katsuma Unleashed!

September 25th, 2013


Orchestral Media Developments are  proud to announce that the recently announced Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed for Nintendo 3DS/DS contains almost 30 minutes of Moshi music goodness composed by both Anthony and Allister.  In addition, Allister had the task of implementing all the sound effects created for the game into both versions of the game. No mean feat i can tell you! Developed by our good friends at Sumo Digital in conjunction with Mind Candy and published by Activision, Katsuma Unleashed will be hitting stores this October! Check out the trailer!

Pro Foosball

September 24th, 2013



Orchestral Media Developments are proud to announce  our involvement in the recently released Pro Foosball, exclusively on the PS3 platform. Developed by our really good friends at Quirkat, and published by SCE. We had a blast in creating all assets for this best online casino great little game, including recording a huge amount of footage from a professional Foosball table under the guidance of Darlington Foosball Club supremo Martin Landers. possible sound was recorded from nigh on every every angle possible! The results speak for themselves. Checkout the launch trailer!

Fluidity Spin Cycle

January 12th, 2013

We are proud to announce our work on Fluidity / Hydroventure Spin Cycle 3DS for Curve/Nintendo! The game has received great reviews along with very positive feedback for our audio!
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“The audio is similarly effective”  “The music tracks that accompany each stage are lighthearted and enjoyable rather than infectious, which isn’t a bad thing — they suit the action perfectly, and don’t distract from on-screen events.”

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